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Strobe: 'Gone' (TH Mix
(29-01-2021, 08:34 PM)SonicTramp Wrote:
(29-01-2021, 11:42 AM)rabbitzealot2 Wrote: Spend 3 hour


I'm a Mixing beginner

It's not very elaborate

Tell me whatever you think it can be improved
* I like it. I think you got everything balanced out quite nicely except the kick (a bit loud and thump-y) and the clean guitar (coming in too strong) break (~2:30 on). I think you can make the mix a bit wider and more depth so that listeners have a sense of space in the mix (think ambience). I think your mix will be much more exciting to listen to if that is accomplished. Cheers!

~~yes,i didnt use too much reverb and delay onĀ  instruments,and in fact i use the iphone earpods so cant fell the wide so well Sad
maybe the kick really a bit loud,and snare maybe more wet sound
im improving now!
i mixed it too hurry and dont think too much
when i have the time i will update my mix~~~

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