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(15-01-2021, 01:56 PM)Menesh1 Wrote: Hey, please let me know what you guys think. Always looking for feedback in order to get better
Nice vocal effects but there are a couple of issues that stick out:

* Bass is way to loud. With acoustic upright bass like this the sound is more of a "bounce" where you hear the pluck and some bass energy rather than completely dominating the low-end below 200hz which is currently the case. Depending on your monitor situation either check the mix on good headphones or check out a frequency analyser; I use Voxengo Span in the monitor path of REAPER but you could just put it as the last plugin on your master buss which should achieve the same thing - the graph clearly shows way to much energy down there.

* Boogie Woogie music relies big time on piano; that is the instrument driving the whole thing and it needs to come up in level and be brighter and bigger sounding. With that being said, the low end of the piano is important here too, in fact I'd start with that for bass energy an try to fit the double bass around it.

Maybe consider panning the group "shout vocals"; I haven't checked out the multi-track so you might not have the option to use that, in which case you could duplicate and pan with some delays added to widen those elements.

Otherwise, great job! Just some balancing issues which I think could be down to monitoring, and understanding how important the piano should be in this style of track.

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