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James Fabio - Machines On Treadmills | Mastering
Big Grin Hi there! I come from EDM, but I try and practice on musical styles I’m not familiar with to train my skills.

Here's my master of "Machines On Treadmills." I particularly don't like the song ('cause of my many own reasons), but I tried getting over it and did the work needed to master it to the best I can.

Tell me what you think. Like if the dynamics, tonal balance, and soundstage are doing justice for the song. Big Grin

.flac    James Fabio - Machines On Treadmills.flac --  (Download: 18.97 MB)


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James Fabio - Machines On Treadmills | Mastering - by Daniel Naron - 06-10-2020, 04:45 AM