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Machines On Treadmills_Stixstudios
I came across this song a couple of weeks ago.

I like the tune and lyrics.

My mixed version is attached.



Just wanted to say that I really love this song. Thanks, James Fabios. I love the lyrics, vocals, and the music.

I made sure not to listen to, too much other mixes. Otherwise they may cloud "my" ideas. When my mix was done and posted, then I listened to ALL the other versions of that mix.

Really!, I did. I listened back to ALL the previous posters versions of the song (ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!). There are so many great mix versions - pieces here and there that are amazing, fantastic and nice "visions"... things I've never thought of.

Especially the way other people interpret the main words: "We're just machines on treadmills"... very varied and interesting.

Wonderful. Thanks.

.mp3    Machines On Treadmills_Final3 more bass.mp3 --  (Download: 9.29 MB)


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