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My "Rainy Day II" mix
(22-06-2019, 08:21 PM)GinghamJones Wrote: Wow! This was quite the surprise to hear, lots of interesting effects going on it sounds like.

First off, what was done to the acoustic guitar?

Second, the drums

Third, what was done to the backing vocals?

I find myself less happy with and wanting to remix my version of the song after hearing mixes like this on the forum so thanks for contributing!
Hi GinghamJones,

Thanks for taking the time to listen and to comment. It's always great to get feedback from the artist! So, to answer some of your questions:

The acoustic guitars got a bit of compression. AcousticGtr1 was panned center, AcousticGtr 2 & 3 were panned hard left, and 2DT & 3DT were panned hard right. All five tracks were sent to a buss. The "delay" effect you are hearing was created using InPhase Live (Waves) and delaying channel 2 by 11.25ms. Not much was done EQ-wise. Just a couple of dips and bumps here and there. And a touch of wet room reverb.

The snare was hit with a pretty aggressive gate (fast attack and pretty quick release. I flipped the phase because it was getting some cancellation from one of the other drum tracks (can't remember which one, maybe the overheads.) Then some EQ & compression, followed by KClip (Kazrog) which acted as a limiter. I let the DrumRoom tracks do the rest of the dirty work. The overall drum sound is definitely bright. I've got a low shelf at 130Hz on the drum buss, but I guess it needs something else. If I go back, I'll try to bring out some of the bottom end.

The BackingVox got super-processed. I wanted them to sound as ominous as possible. Each sub-group (1, 2, 3, & 4) was panned at varying degrees of center, left, and right. Each sub-group was sent to its own buss, where is was heavily compressed and hit with MicroShift (Soundtoys) for some extra spread. Then those four busses were sent to another buss and hit with Little AlterBoy (Soundtoys) in quantize mode with a little drive followed by some saturation echo.

As far as the overall mix, I agree that it is over-compressed. I used the "rear buss" method, because I felt like the mix was a bit too thin, but I think I over did it. I am glad, however, that you were ok with my choice of guitar effects. I am a guitarist myself, so I tried to be as tasteful as possible.

Anyway, thanks again for providing your feedback. Let me know if there's anything else I can answer for you.

Best regards,

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