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Clicks & Pops in vocal track
I may be wrong, but as no one has commented on this yet, it may be others who have mixed (or tried to) have not noticed the number of clicks throughout the vocal track.

There is a significant click at around 1 min, I even listened to some mixes and could hear it in the mix. There is about another 4 so far I have found. Some are impossible to get rid of without chopping up the track - which then causes timing problems.

Before any suggests I download a new copy, I already had - at first I thought (which be odd to have happen) the vocal track someone got damaged during download/de-compression. But on the new download the vocal track has the exact same clicks in the same spots.
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Clicks & Pops in vocal track - by Cranky Emu - 19-02-2019, 05:21 PM