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Hannes Keseberg: 'You Know Better'
Hi Herb -- as I'd expect from you, this is a very confidently balanced and processed mix! What was unexpected, though, was the wealth of creativity you've brought to bear, which brought a big smile to my face at various points: the cool wah solo guitar, that flown-in watery processed whistle, the super-close Chorus 3 guitar/congas drop, the full-sounding Outro mob-vocals... all reasons to be cheerful! There's really very little to criticise, to be honest, but here are some ideas:
  • Although I love your creative arrangement decisions here, in terms of fulfilling the mix brief you're perhaps in slightly risky territory, because you've moved quite a long way from the band's original guitar sounds, and that whistle effect messes with the pitch clarity in a way that might raise some eyebrows. I like these things a lot personally, but I can imagine the band might feel differently! Smile
  • I love the clarity of your lead vocal tone, but I wonder whether it could have a touch more warmth to it, given Hannes's stated references and generally slightly crooner-style delivery. It just seems to get a little thin when he hits his chest voice in particular.
  • Your vocal balancing is exceptional -- one of the most impressive aspects of this mix to me, in fact, because it was something that pretty much everyone else struggled with to an extent.

Hope some of this is some help -- and congratulations on delivering such a strong competition entry!

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