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CR Mix
Thanks for useful comments, I made some changes based in your opinion

(13-09-2018, 05:50 PM)Deliza Wrote: Me liking a lot of this, Carlos. Keyboads, voices and global drum sound are all really solid. What I don't like that much are some tracks too loud/agressive:

Bass - I'd cut a lot of high and mid frequencies to soft/round it up, it'd fit better and everything should sound cleaner and more polished.
Snare - The strongest hits calls for too much attention, though I understand you want to keep it natural. But again, they are samples. Transient shaping (to give it less attack) could come in hand here.
Left Tom - Again, I think it's too loud and distracting.

Guitar - Conversely, I think it just needs to pop out a bit more. If you give some more presence and a tad of loudness and then you soft up the bass, you could blend them to feel as one part, almost as if the bass notes were being played with the thumb on the guitar. Obviously, not to the point of fool anyone (that'd be almost impossible and pretty pointless).

Hope this helps, suerte!


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