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Okay, I´m also trying a mix of this really nice song
Thank you, for your statement!
I think you´re right. Especially in cause of the snare!
I killed the trigger and tried to open up the whole thing. On the other hand I like a little bit of darkness (maybe it´s my psyche .......) ;-)

(17-07-2018, 08:20 AM)Deliza Wrote: First, main reverb feels too boxy. I don't know how many tracks are sending to it, but the whole ambience is like a tape recorder on the floor (not that bad, but still boxy and roomy). There's a claustrophobic thing about the mix, I'd say it's because of that.
I can't tell if you replaced something else beside the snaredrum (there are misstriggers and removing the rimshot is a big no-no), but that it's a maybe too tight and synthish snare sound, makes the mix heavier and slower and takes a lot of air from it.
It's also quite a dark mix, summing to that 90's studio demo feeling.

.mp3    Hold On You.mp3 --  (Download: 6.15 MB)


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