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The Long Wait - Dark Horses (BVines mix)
The Long Wait - Dark Horses (BVines mix)

Love the song. Not sure I did it justice tho. But it'll do for demo work, I think.

Eq'ed some stuff, compressed some stuff, verbed some stuff and delayed some stuff. Did some cuts and fades here and there. Yanked the bass out in a couple spots (mainly for effect). The bass player on this track is beast tho!

Left the out of tune gtr appregiation IN (again, for effect). It's right at the "love and a bag of dope in a grocery cart" line @ 1:45. Wouldn't be surprised if the guitarist played that on purpose. Regardless, I dug it so I jacked it up in the mix a tad. lololol

.mp3    The Long Wait - Dark Horses.mp3 --  (Download: 8.88 MB)


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The Long Wait - Dark Horses (BVines mix) - by BVines - ENC - 19-05-2018, 06:03 PM