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Color Me Red - jtbStudio
I agree with pretty much everything that Jeff said. Personally, I think the acoustic has a bit of amid range DI quality but I think this is matter of taste as opposed to being "wrong". I think I just have developed such an aversion to that kind of sound that it jumps out to me.

I agree about the intro to this song. Each mix I've done for this song has downplayed it and I dropped it totally on the last mix I did. It's kind of a honey pot for mixers and we start to think "what cool thing can we do here?" but the possible trap is a sound gets set up that lays the impression for the rest of the song. It's fine if one goes for a big contrast in volume or eq but when the intro is too effected it just sets up different expectations for what's to come. So I think you had the right idea in simplifying it. Maybe consider louder crashes? Especially at the OD cymbals at top. It might add more excitement to the top of the song.

I will say the l/r delays are distracting. Especially on the vocal. It might work if it's darker. I think it works on the guitar in the heavier sections but might distract from the guitar fills on the quieter sections. [I dunno. After a few listens the delays grow on me. Maybe have less feedback/repeats?]

I like the banjo effect and it does help extend the notes.

The BGVs feel ok. It's an artistic choice. In this mix they are back a bit but it adds to the evil, ominous quality of the part.

The floor tom sounds a little tubby. At least as I noticed on a later fill.

I'm not sure about the rhodes (a helpful comment I know). I never liked it in this song. I just was boring part/sound in general. I think if I did a mix of this again (no!) I'd try editing out every other note and maybe an interesting delay to fill in the missing notes. Oh maybe a triple delay to add more of a galloping feel. On this mix it sounds fine but even with the eq you've done to it it feels too 'in your face'. But in the end that's just the nature of that part.

I honestly don't even notice the section you edited out. I think I've heard this song so many times that I don't miss it. Ha. The song has a bunch of different sections so it can take an edit like that.

I think that's everything that comes to mind. Sorry to be so wordy/unhelpful. My coffee hasn't kicked in yet.


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