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The Three Commandments!
The spirit of the Discussion Zone can be summed up by the following 'Three Commandments':
  1. Play Nice.
    • If you want to receive constructive criticism, then give constructive criticism.
    • Please mind your language, so that schools and colleges don't block the site.
    • Netiquette is a lovely word. I will not hesitate to take action to maintain a supportive and constructive atmosphere.
    • When posting a new mix/master version, please don't delete old mix/master threads or replace previous audiofile attachments -- just add a new post to the same thread with the revised mix/master attached. Not only does this increase the educational value of the thread (because readers can follow the development of the mix/master in response to the feedback), but it also avoids antagonising other users by destroying their feedback posts, which may have taken them a good deal of time and effort to write.

  2. Maximise The Signal-To-Noise Ratio.
  3. Death To Dead Links!
    • Broken audio-file links render any related discussion meaningless and waste everyone's time. If your audio-file link dies, then I may remove or edit the thread without warning.
    • In order to keep links live, please upload your mixes/masters as audio files if at all possible. This also allows people who don't have an internet connection on their studio computer to download and audition your mix offline.
In addition to these overall guidelines, the usual internet-forum 'small print' also applies, as follows:

The 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library Discussion Zone: General Terms & Conditions Of Use

Your use of this Discussion Zone site indicates your agreement to be bound by these General Terms & Conditions. Cambridge Music Technology (CMT) reserve the right to edit/delete any Discussion Zone content at their sole discretion. CMT will not republish any of the Discussion Zone's user-generated content without the consent of the users concerned. However, bear in mind that the Discussion Zone is open to the public, so please don't post anything you don't want the general public to see/hear.

Users should not post any offensive, defamatory, fraudulent, libellous, copyright-restricted, or otherwise illegal material, and are reminded that they may be held legally accountable for their words and actions in the Discussion Zone. CMT do not endorse or assume legal responsibility for any user-generated Discussion Zone content, and are not liable for any loss or damage caused by it. CMT reserve the right to disclose users' personal information where required to do so by law. All Discussion Zone content is provided 'as is' and without warranty of any kind. Users agree to indemnify CMT and its staff from any liability, loss, claim, and expense (including reasonable legal fees) directly or indirectly related to their use of the Discussion Zone site.

The Discussion Zone is not a marketing vehicle, and CMT discourage posts which do not support the site's educational intent. However, posting links to other web resources (whether commercially funded or not) is encouraged, as long as the links remain directly relevant to the thread in question. The presence of advertisements on the '' domain does not constitute an endorsement of the advertising message or the advertised products or services. Reproduction of any part of the Discussion Zone for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Users acting against these General Terms & Conditions (or indeed the spirit of the 'Three Commandments' above) may be barred from using the Discussion Zone. CMT's failure to insist upon strict enforcement of any rules and guidelines shall not constitute a waiver of them. In the event of any complaint, please contact CMT directly in the first instance. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim, dispute or difference which may arise out of them.

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