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Jack Hutcheson - 'The Psychopath'
great song, I loved the Petrucci style solo! had fun mixing this one!

Let me know what you think. Big Grin

.mp3    Jack Hutcheson \'The Psychopath\'.mp3 --  (Download: 11.69 MB)

My Gear:

Studio One 4
Focusrite Saffire
Art Stereo compressor
Qcon controller
Yamaha HS8 monitors
Beyer Dynamic DT770 pro
Soundtracs Topaz 24 analog mixer
Hey brady! I like the intro reverbs, a bit to much for my taste but sounds cool anyhow. I think the whole mix is a bit compressed sounding without contributing to the deepnes and makes it feel "plastic" sort of, i can hear some nice deeper tones hidden under the compressed master , it sounds very nasaly clonky sort of. Dont get me wrong i like the volume so there you have managed something good, its hard getting that upfront sound but the whole mix and master feels a bit weak and poky for me. The bassguitar is lost aswell so that needs to come up.