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Imp Act The Island Of Alsocanla
I really enjoyed mixing this one so thanks to the artists and Mike,good stuff.

.mp3    Imp Act The Island Of Alsocanla Mix 1.mp3 --  (Download: 9.83 MB)

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Nice mix cudjoe Smile not much to add, maybe a bit kindsounding guitars but perfect balancewise.
Cheers for thatSmile
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(22-01-2021, 07:02 AM)Cudjoe Wrote: Cheers for thatSmile
Hey Cujoe,
Thank you for spending time to mix our tracks! Interesting focus on the kick drum and much more modern sounding snare. There is some strange clipping in the bass solo during the quiet part maybe it is intentional. We enjoyed it. Hope you had fun!

Do follow us on IG to check out our production and updates on working on!


Eugene Ng
Guitarist & Producer
Imp Act
Thank you for your comments,i think i did over did it on the bass,,,,or well!
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