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Monsieur Periné - Encanto Tropical (GPs Mix)
Here is my mix of this great song.
The musicians are great and the recorded tracks are fantastic!

.mp3    Monsieur Perine - Encato Tropical - GPs Mix.mp3 --  (Download: 9.73 MB)

I think you did a good job on this song. The vocal is really nice. I also like the whistling, seemingly insignificant but vital to the song. The only thing I can hear is a bit of lower mid and the spatial feel of the mix. I think it can be a bit wider and spacier. Sometimes my mix gets wider just by my cutting a bit ~200Hz on the mixbuss or individual track. I like the feel of the snare you have; if your vocal is like that I think your mix will breathe much better. Your mix is one of the better mixes in here. In the quest for perfection, I think you should give it another try. Cheers! and mix on.