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Enter the Haggis: 'Two Bare Hands'
Hi all,
I've been enjoying mixing using tracks from this site for a few months and for some reason just discovered the ability to post and get feedback! I'm so excited to hear what folks think. This is my first post, I hope you enjoy.

.mp3    Jubilee Riots - 2 Bar Hands_01.mp3 --  (Download: 6.4 MB)

Hi Jim, you captured the excitement of the live performance nicely. I really like the snare sound!

The vocal is nicely upfront in the mix, although it needs a little attention to polish it a bit more and control the sibilants and the plosive pops. There are some dynamic jumps and tonal variations that are pretty noticeable too. Those kind of things generally require some fairly fiddly and detailed automation work to correct

The kick is a little on the woolly side - maybe some low-mid trimming might help there.

One thing that is quite noticeable is that the guitars are a bit buried - they don't really have much separation. They are probably the easiest elements to process more comprehensively with eq and panning etc, as they have a good degree of isolation.

Nice work!
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