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Wicked Mix (Leaf 3 of 3)
Decided to keep this one simple and go for a nice indie sound. As a result, it came together really fast. I didn't get around to any automation or fun stuff but it was my third mix of the day so I was pretty done haha.

Nothing at all out of the ordinary here, EQ, comp, faders, BAM.

Feedback would be cool Smile also check out my mixes of the other Leaf songs if you fancy it. They're all completely different.

Cheeeeers boys.

.mp3    Wicked First.mp3 --  (Download: 7.14 MB)

Very solid, it easily has more punch and sounds way more modern than the preview mix. How did you make the cymbal hits go while keeping the drum ambience?, that's always so hard for me.

It's true ear and mind fatigue show, thou. Kick and snare might take half a step behind and the low end is bullying the vocal a little. But very tight mix nonetheless, I wish I could do 3 mixes in a day!