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Triviul 'Alright?' MikeGoPro Old Mix Revisit
You know what guys, this artist has his own quirky style that definitely works for him. Its a bit unorthodox so normal methods might not be the best approach, but if you figure it out it can really resonate with you. As a listener I really dig what he does with his music.

Never mind the noise floor hiss, I'll address that later but I just wanted to upload the file as is.

Have a listen, leave a comment.


Quick Fix: boosted some of the Vox tracks that were buried during the chorus and reduced the noise overall.

.mp3    Triviul_Alright MikeGoPro Old Mix Revisit.mp3 --  (Download: 8.45 MB)

.mp3    Triviul_Alright MikeGoPro Old Mix Revisit Quick Fix.mp3 --  (Download: 8.45 MB)

Nice one!

The shaker and hihat are too on the nose sometimes, high frequencies poking out. Voice a bit boxy sometimes. Other than that, I like the tone of the mix, and it's quite punchy yet sounds compressed. Very cool.
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Hey there.

Your mix sounds really good. I totally like that the vocals are not drenched in reverb as many other people, for some reasons, like to do.

Keep it up!
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