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Eliza Jane - VicVega mix and master
As to be expected from James: Incredible quality, great performance, and equipment to die for, inevetably result in a phenomenal piece such as this one.

To me, it represented a relaxing session, and also and experiment: My first mix with this amout of limiters instead of compressors and it is, I think, working nicley.
I think I' only now realising the diffrenece between them, and also the usfulnes of limiting.

Thank you for listening and please, leave feedback.


.m4a    ElisaJaneMaster.m4a --  (Download: 16.61 MB)

I like the softness of the mix. There's a few things that jump out at me on first listen.

-The vocal feels too small and distant for the song. It's not the reverb so much as the level in the mix. It feels like a point in the distance. I do like the back ground vocal effect. It makes it feel like there's more than one background vocal and it's a nice stereo effect without sounding too artificial.
-Overall there's a little too much low/low mid build up. I think it's probably mostly in the acoustics. Also in the BGV in the last chorus.
-There's a weird resonating sound in the organ. It's gets a little loud and distracting early on in the song starting before the first chorus and very end.
-I do like the soft sound of the overall mix but I think this song needs more to keep the listener awake and interested. Like you said it's very relaxing which is totally fine but lyrically and emotionally it need some more to make an impact on the listener. This mix is too comfortable, in a way.

I like that you're experimenting with limiters and compressors. This is certainly time and place to do it.
Hope that helps.
I only have earbuds to listen and mix with at the moment. Take everything I say with a grain of salt.
Mix the song, not the tracks (<-pithy)
Great feedback! Thank you.
-The idea of a more distant, but dynamically smashed vocal, here, was to make the listener to turn up the volume and bathe in the actual instruments, not just the vocal, if that makes sense. For some heavier, rock mixes, I've side-chained the vox to main guitars, and sometimes, the overheads, wich works well. With that being said, my ears don't have the best high and response, and also, I changed my monitoring setup, so it migt have had an impact.
-Backing vocal's effect can be thanked to Fix Doubler. Amazing Plugin.
-Low mid buildup-I'll blame it on my bedroom, again. Tongue Nothing a bit of eq-ing can't solve.
-Organ resonance-Also an experiment, to my ear, it works, but can be distracting. A pair of shimmering plugins might've been mixed in too mutch.

Rest, and almost all actually, I think is down to sheer taste. This song somehow reminded me of Pink Floyd's Divison Bell, wich subconciously dictated my actions and mixing decisions.

-That's totally cool if the vocal level is a choice. It's a nice sound and does what you're looking to do but I think it would work better on a different song.
-I've nee heard fix doubler but I'll check it out.
-I blame a lot on my bedroom
-The organ resonance can work I think it just gets out of hand sometimes. Nigel Godrich used to do something similar a lot.

I haven't checked out Division Bell. That's one of those albums that past me by but thanks for the reminder that exists. I should give it a listen.

I only have earbuds to listen and mix with at the moment. Take everything I say with a grain of salt.
Mix the song, not the tracks (<-pithy)