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Patrick Talbot - Upper Hand
Check out my mix of the song.

I'd appreciate comments.

.mp3    Upper Hand MIX_1.mp3 --  (Download: 10.44 MB)

I think overall that's a good one.
A few things could possibly be better, IMHO:
- the snare is overly snappy, and I'm missing some of the ghost notes that make the groove, so I would back off the compressor on that, or use a longer attack to let it breathe a bit
- the vocal level is good, but it's quite in your face, I wonder if a bit of reverb/delay would not help it sit more with the band?
- the bgvs are a little lost ATM.
- the fade out is a little abrupt, I would give it a few more seconds
That's just nitpicks of course, because I think all in all, you did a good job! Smile
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