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Mathematician_remix by Tommy Marcinek - tjmtruth - 07-02-2015

Hi all,

I'm calling this one a "re-mix" because, well, it turned out quite a bit different from what the raw tracks were. For one thing, I made it a bit shorter. I also thought that it lacked some harmonic structure behind the bass parts, so I added synths in there to give it some harmonic support. Also, I added a steady Hi Hat, a tiny tamb thingy, some crashes throughout, some buildup parts, and a synth arpeggio kind of thing in selected areas. The artist had some great ideas which I tried to emphasize. I also would like to have put in a short synth or guitar solo but I didn't do it.....resisted that. :-) Anyway, I hope you like it. Disco/Dance stuff is very hard for me to get right and I spent a couple of days on this mix....put a lot of work into it. Hope it paid off.