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Downtempo - manuke mix - manuke - 01-02-2015

Thanks for the tracks, some interesting stuff to play with.

RE: Downtempo - manuke mix - Spede - 02-02-2015

...Should've known you'd do something with this Big Grin

It's beautiful man! I like how you've found some kind of new angle for pretty much all of the percussion stuff in the track.

RE: Downtempo - manuke mix - manuke - 03-02-2015

Yeah, was asking to be Echoboy-ed this one. Thanks for the feedback, glad you think it's ok.

RE: Downtempo - manuke mix - sano - 08-02-2015

Love what you done with this. Works so well, great job !

RE: Downtempo - manuke mix - manuke - 09-02-2015

Hey thanks a lot Sano, always a gamble these ones. Glad you like it, cheers.

RE: Downtempo - manuke mix - pauli - 09-02-2015

Christ almighty man, what a head-trip.

Just out of curiosity, how much of this is original??? Most of it sounds like it might be, but it's hard to tell... it's a big improvement though.

All I can really say is... you basically made this one your b***h. What's fascinating to me is that this song has compositional issues... most of the interesting bits and the major climax happen too early and then it sort of peters out, and you've really done the music a favor in that sense. It still falls a little flat in the end, but that's pretty forgivable considering the massive amount of time you must have spent re-working this.

At any rate... most of the time, this sort of arrangement shuffling and additional production work hurts the music in my opinion... it might make it more interesting, but then people wind up listening to the mix and not the music. In this case, though... you the man. Great job. Consider me humbled.

RE: Downtempo - manuke mix - manuke - 10-02-2015

Thanks pauli, couldn't ask for a better comment. Yeah it's only the original tracks, just chopped up and mangled, my idea of fun. Had one quick listen to the original and quickly realised what I had to do to it. Wouldn't have known where to start doing a 'normal' mix.

RE: Downtempo - manuke mix - pauli - 11-02-2015

Haha yeah.. this sort of remix is not the sort of thing I'm good at. Usually I don't like it and the whole remix concept in general doesn't make sense to me, but that's because I'm a musician. Almost always it feels like I'm listening to the mix, but I'm not hearing the song, and that bothers me in a deep way sometimes. This remix, though, this actually addresses and solves musical issues (from my point of view) that stem from the song structure, and there's no arguing with that. Great job.

RE: Downtempo - manuke mix - Mat397 - 28-01-2016

Awesome remix, very moody

RE: Downtempo - manuke mix - manuke - 05-02-2016

Thanks for the feedback Mat397, good to hear.