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Audio-Technica - Loud and Clear - Moonwrist - 01-11-2014


Here is my version of this song.
Quick comparison to other mixes here and I think I haven't got it right yet but feel free to comment.

I have to say this: "Great song for a demo of a microphone company" Cool
"Can you hear me loud and clear?" Big Grin

RE: Audio-Technica - Loud and Clear - ptalbot - 01-11-2014

Cool mix Moonwrist. I need to find some time to try this one, it's a great song indeed!
The only thing that I'm not sure about in your mix is the bug delay you've put on the lead vocal, I think it's too much, it could work better if the level was felt more than heard. Apart from that, I quite like your take on this. Good job!

RE: Audio-Technica - Loud and Clear - azwayne - 02-11-2014


First comment I will make is to back off on the low end a bit (especially on that piano). It's kinda blurring all together down there below ~750 hz.

I tend to agree with the prior comment on the delay but if done right, it can be tasteful. Try this: If you only want the delay to be on certain words, get your vocal track all neat and pretty then clone it. Delete the audio and then cut and paste the phrases you want to trigger your delay and push them back one time unit. Then either use the delay as an insert on this track or (better) set up a PREFADER send to an aux track then drop this channel fader to min. The clone track will be what triggers the delay, not the main track. These both allow you the ability to easily select what does and does not delay and also to carefully EQ or even compress the track differently from your main track.

One thing about this tune, it sure makes for a busy mix and I think that shows in the version you have posted. This thing has been kickin' my butt for a little over two weeks now. I'm *close* to being able to post my version but still trying to negotiate with the various tracks to stop them all lobbing artillary shells at each other in the fight for the 2-5k region. Sad You seem to have handled that reasonably well but I think some of the vocals you chose ended up a little bit dull. (Did you use more of the 4080 mics than the 4047 maybe? That would explain it, I think. Ribbon vs FET condenser.) I also realized in my processing that these tracks call for some pretty heavy vocal compression. Usually I try to just sneak by with 2:1 or therebaouts but this one wants 3+ on most of the tracks. I have one or two that didn't settle down until I had them at 4.5:1... I'm wondering if you did some of the same and maybe that is what took out your presence in the vocals. Also wondering if the attack time might be a hair too short. (I settled on ~7/250 A-R settings but had to recover a bit with a high shelf on the group fader.)

Oh, one final note... You might think about trimming the tail end off that bass guitar track. Solo it out and you'll hear what I mean. Big Grin