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Flags - 54 - Cefes MIX - Cefe - 09-09-2014

Here is my mix. Very hard to mix in the percussion. Not sure I got this right.

RE: Flags - 54 - Cefes MIX - Voelund - 09-09-2014

Some strange things goin on in your mix
Sounds like one or more tracks are not lined up. From what I remember the feel of the beat is very difrent in your mix. Thats worth investigatin

Snare is very loud. Gtr is very thin.
The effect on vocal ( love echoed) is a great idea.
I remember a lot o tracks in this one and if you choose to use a track it should have a role to play in the mix. What I mean is I hear bas, vox, snare, thin guitar and some other things hard to define.
To my ears it need balancin.

RE: Flags - 54 - Cefes MIX - Cefe - 10-09-2014

Wow! Yes, I am sorry I shouldn't have posted this mix. I did this mix yesterday very quick. It seems that i moved some of the clips out of place without realizing. I actually thought that they were playing out of time and tried to fix that haha. I finally gave up and hence i got angry and just wanted to finish it as soon as possible. I shouldn't have done that. Also, I posted without listening the other mixes here, which could have helped me to realize that i got it very wrong!! Sorry about that and thanks a lot for listening and commenting. Lesson learnt here!

Anyways, here is a fresh one. I started all over again today. At least some of the timming issues are corrected now Smile

RE: Flags - 54 - Cefes MIX - Voelund - 10-09-2014

Yes. Now it lines up and the lvls are also much better

Couple o suggestions

The love echo would mask next phrase less with decreasing volume
The djembes in the intro have a lot o wonderful lowend. We should hear and feel them more.
Cool effect that floating synth in verses. Maybe use mute button to make listener sait and long for it to return.
Cool buildup to solo with brass. I overlooked that

The falsetto lead vocal could blend more with choir, aka its very loud

Good work taming this multi !