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RE: James May: 'Don't Let Go' - Olli H - Obelix - 14-09-2014

Good sound. I think that the bass is too loud for my taste, guitars are amazing, a bit darker but if that is the sound you are going for it is good. I would like to hear more conga and a little thicker vocal. Keep up good work.

RE: James May: 'Don't Let Go' - Olli H - AnthonyPaul - 15-02-2015

Very nice. Two Thumbs Up! Nice balance and the vocal is sitting very well.

RE: James May: 'Don't Let Go' - Olli H - javierpg84 - 13-12-2018

i loved this mix Olli. great choices here, subtle panning, nice ambiance, nothing to pull away the listener attention from the intimate vocals. i know its an old thread, but do you remember how you got the lead vocals in that shape? i assume some light compression and automation mainly because it breathes and its not over compressed. great job!!!