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Subhan Mix - SSP - 07-04-2014

Hello! This is my final MIX. I tried to keep everything a bit more dry but at the same time give some "power" through the drums by processing them more agressively.

The drums have been a pain to edit but I'm very happy with the result. I made the chorus to stand out by adding a lot of stereo field and little volume changes and distortion.

It still sounds low but I tried to keep sound quality instead of extreme volumes.

I hope you like it and give your opinion about it, and what could I do to improve the mix Smile

Thanks for listening!

RE: Subhan Mix - hanibal005 - 27-04-2014

Great mix. The main thing I noticed was how dry and linear it was. Really needs some automation and depth so it will explode out of my speakers. Good work on drums btw.

RE: Subhan Mix - LupoPazzo - 28-07-2015