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My Mix of "Dying Light" - HouseOfBedlam - 13-03-2022

This one was fun, i hope you enjoy.

RE: My Mix of "Dying Light" - mikej - 07-04-2022


Posting on your other thread reminded me that I forgot to post that I really liked this mix too. I'm tempted to suggest possibly adding a snare sample to proceedings to fill the sound out a bit more in that area, but that might just be my taste.


RE: My Mix of "Dying Light" - HouseOfBedlam - 08-04-2022

I was tempted to add one but i try to figure out ways to use the included tracks first. I'm partial to a rush like cut through snare. With a little more time i could probably fatten it up more to add some more body, was just so much going on in the music i was trying not to over do it....