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West End Blend – Kane Guru - Frej - 17-06-2021

I had a good time mixing this rather goofy funk song. It would be nice to hear what you think of the result.

RE: West End Blend – Kane Guru - mikej - 17-06-2021


Not bad!

Not sure, but I feel the balance might be just little off for me... Initially I thought the horns and subsequently the vocals were a bit quiet, but it might actually be that the guitars are a little loud in comparison to the rest. Being funk, I think the mix should maybe be based more around the snare and bass, rather than the guitar on the right as such?


RE: West End Blend – Kane Guru - Frej - 17-06-2021

Thanks for taking the time to listen!

I just balanced this based on feel and I felt that the riff of guitar on the right was very important for the groove. But I think you might be right. I'll try to revisit this mix in a few days experiment with the balances.