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Strobe: Gone - Rapscallion - 04-05-2021

Hey guys, here is my version of the song Gone by Strobe. I really like this song and I wish I knew where to find it on a streaming service so I could just listen to the song passively. Anyway, I'm still relatively new to mixing and this was definitely a daunting song to attempt with the amount of tracks.

I swapped the two pre-choruses around because I felt it made more sense to introduce the chorus sooner and have an extended pre-chorus the second time around once you're already familiar with the melody. I also went for a "blown out speaker" sound on the second pre-chorus and cut the drop at the end of it since there is another drop soon after. 
The bass is also pretty low and perhaps guitars too high but I just haven't changed it yet.

I know it's not perfect but I would love to get your feed back to help myself improve for the next song I decide to do.