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Meu Bem ~ tgraph mix - tgraph - 01-02-2021

thanks for giving it a listen

67 views without comment? no other mixes of this fun song?

RE: Meu Bem ~ tgraph mix - jlawford - 23-02-2021

Nice track and I like the vocal sound - very stylised, nice effects.
The cymbals are too brash and need smoothing with EQ. There is a "tip up" in the overall frequency response from around 6KHz upwards which is dominating and covering the vocal.
I also feel you could extend the low end of the bass guitar downwards. I appreciate the space left for the kick drum at the moment which is nice, but a more "integrated" low end could work well so maybe shelf EQ on the bass at 70Hz and below.
Great job, but the cymbals detract at the moment.

RE: Meu Bem ~ tgraph mix - tgraph - 02-03-2021

Thanks for the critique... I've lost some of my hearing in the highs at 68 years old and don't always compensate appropriately. I can give that tilt another go.

Highs down a bit and bass accentuated.