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Little Lighter :) - latanielvss. - 15-11-2020

My take on this boosting 15db everywhere (don't mind me) the bass has cable fuzz of somesort i didn't notice it until i printed the mix, to me its not that big of a deal. let me know if you guys can somehow hear it through the mix as i most certainly didn't. Perhaps its too sibilant aswell although i wanted that amount of sib, the fx is enhancing it too much i think maybe its fine idk.

RE: Little Lighter :) - takka360 - 15-11-2020

Nice sounding mix .Yep them vox definitely need a bit of ds. Apart from that nicely balanced

RE: Little Lighter :) - latanielvss. - 15-11-2020

Hi takka thanks for the kind words, iam actually grabbing the esses but not the t's in the 6k/5k range, im only grabbing 9k.