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The Maybe Next Years - One Flip Flop (M&F) - Digitaldruglord - 26-09-2020

Hope everyone is well. 
I didn't get a chance to encode a MP3 version so I'm posting my WAV mix and master:


RE: The Maybe Next Years - One Flip Flop (M&F) - mikej - 28-09-2020

Yeah, a really good mix.  An interesting mix too.

I have some thoughts that came to mind:

Couldn't quite put my finger on it initially - but I think there's maybe just a touch too much saturation and widening going on for my taste.  Not by much, but just enough that I think it's losing some definition and potential impact for it (drums).  I dunno, I just feel there might be just a couple of db too much widening on the side channels or something perhaps?  I feel it could be just a little bit tighter maybe?  

Not sure but I think a db or so of wide eq somewhere around 400-500ish (guessing) might thicken it up a little bit - I think it feels just a hair bright otherwise perhaps?  The delays at the end of each verse are really cool, but for me they could be tucked in just a bit - I think you wanted them to jump out a little though. Bothers me less on subsequent listens, compared to the first though.

Not wanting to take anything away from a good mix, it's just a couple of things that came to  mind.

(I noticed a click or something that's snuck in around the 0:37 mark). 

Oh, The vocals at 2:16 sounds amazing!  Really nice 'moment'.  Works really well.

So, why do I think this is an interesting mix?

This mix has really highlighted for me where my own mixes are lacking.  I think it shows me where I am being a bit too conservative with regards to tone, saturation and width.  Parallel distortion, etc.  Balance also.  Sub bus compression/limiting too, maybe...  It's certainly given me plenty of ideas of things to think about and try, to fill in those gaps and edges, etc.

Anyway, again, a great mix., and also thanks for the inspiration.


RE: The Maybe Next Years - One Flip Flop (M&F) - DctrRoss - 29-09-2020

I like the feel. I am with MikeJ on a bit to much saturation though.