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Cage - warlord62864 - 20-07-2020

Avid S6L-48D
Waves Mercury Bundle
Adam A77XA&B
Adam Sub15

RE: Cage - mikej - 15-08-2020


Straight away with this mix I notice the drums (also intro guitar, and guitar around 1:55-ish for example) have a bit of a hard edge to them I don't like - perhaps a bit overcompressed and limited, or some other processing? Not sure, but it does bother me a bit through the whole mix. 

Might just be me though, but there we go.  Mildly curious to know what you are using there anyway, out of interest.

Aside from that, I really like the rest of the mix, nicely balanced and I really like the background vocals around the 2:00 mark. 

Quite suprised how long and present the vocal reveb seems especially around the 3:55 mark.  I'm not calling this out as an issue, I just found it interesting and pretty cool - it works really well and also fills in the space in the mix there too.

Not sure if this helps any, but those are my thoughts after a few listens.  Pretty good mix, aside from the drums thing, which might just be me I guess, dunno!