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Ill Fate Mix BEAST - Eman - 29-11-2013

This is a good mix of Il Fate. it sounds like All That Remains and Pantera in a way. Check it out and let me know what you think.

RE: Il Fate Mix BEAST REMIXED & MASTERED - Eman - 14-01-2014

Here is a new and improved version of this song. It took a while to get some of the bugs out of it and to get it to sound as optimal as possible. check it out for sure.

RE: Il Fate Mix BEAST - Eman - 25-01-2014

New mix with snare replaced. sounds awesome, and is also remixed and remastered! Its a MUST LISTEN!

RE: Il Fate Mix BEAST - Eman - 27-01-2014

This is probably my final mix on this song. I took off some of the bass guitar cause i thought my last mix was a little bass-heavy, and adjusted minor aspects that were bugging me. It sounds great now. check it out.

RE: Il Fate Mix BEAST - robc - 11-03-2014

floor tom is way too loud, bring the rest of the mix up to the floor tom volume and ya got a winner.

RE: Il Fate Mix BEAST - The_Metallurgist - 30-03-2014

highly fatiguing, sorry.

i think you're low-mids are cluttered up and it's forced you to push the high end to get some spectral balance? sounds like you have some aliasing going on too....

fix the low-mids by clearing some material here, and you can then roll the hi end off.

furthermore, you have way too much bass on the stereo side, which makes things like the tom boomy as hell.... have a look at the lead guitars and see how you can keep their attitude deep and dirty, but the low-mid clear? panning the leads to extremes is all well and good, but if you want real power in your mix, you will need to keep their bass down the center....bass being, say, less than 200Hz.

i'm wondering now, if you have problems being able to actually balance the bass in your mix because of your monitoring arrangement, room, etc?

sort these major issues out and it will begin to take shape.


RE: Il Fate Mix BEAST - Eman - 25-08-2014

Well i decided to start over from scratch mixing this song once again, and i am very happy with the results. I read up and watched a lot of YouTube videos on mixing tips, and i decided to approach this mix by taking bad frequencies out of the mix more, rather than adding good frequencies. This freed up the bass frequencies so they are no longer clashing. It also made the high end a lot less harsh and more enjoyable to listen to. I also decided to make a bus/group for each instrument so that it was easier to adjust all of the drum tracks, bass tracks, guitar tracks, and vox tracks all at once. I also tried using a multiband compressor, which i am very happy with the way it turned out on the instruments i used it on.

Anyways, take a listen and feel free to post your comments.