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Fytakyte: 'Outa Control - takka360 - 29-10-2019

New mix

RE: Fytakyte: 'Outa Control - AndyGallas - 29-10-2019

Nice Mix, it w├Ârks.
Matter of taste: I'd rather give the vocals a slap delay/reverb if you ate after that (dunno how to say) than the imposant reverb right now and I'd bring up the rhythm guitars a bit more.

But most important... it catches Smile

RE: Fytakyte: 'Outa Control - takka360 - 29-10-2019

Its got a slap on the vox just not a lot.I experimented with the guitar levels a fair bit and they sat nice in the mix where they are pretty nice and work. Cheers for the feedback