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Nos Palpitants(mastered) - owen8849 - 07-03-2019

critiques are welcomed

RE: Nos Palpitants(mastered) - Deliza - 23-04-2019

This was huge and majestic, I love it. Vocals appear much cleaner than the raws. When all the band is playing, everything feels balanced even though it is such a thick arrangement. And the hat sounds good, that I literally just can't! Beautiful snare reverb and good lowend. I also digged how the guitars gelled altogether (especially the acoustic guitars).

Only thing I didn't like was the panned kickdrum (it sounds great, I just wish it was in the center).

RE: Nos Palpitants(mastered) - owen8849 - 26-04-2019

Thanks for your review, and pardon for my pool english. Yes,this genre of music(pop rock)i tend to make it thick and strong,glad you like. as you mentioned, the raw vocals are kind of clipped and distorted during the recording, so i used exciter to expand high frequency. for the panned kick,it was not my intention, i mix this song with headphones, so the sound image may be a little messed.

RE: Nos Palpitants(mastered) - Deliza - 29-04-2019

(26-04-2019, 02:56 AM)owen8849 Wrote: so i used exciter to expand high frequency.

Cool, I'll try that to see if I can get some more clarity out of them!