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Talk To Me Baby - gloukin mix - glukin - 29-01-2019

Nice song, clever arrangement. Enjoyed this one!

RE: Talk To Me Baby - gloukin mix - Deliza - 31-01-2019

Drums sound really great to me, clean and neat when the hat's playing, and then they get a Ringoesque thing (reminds of the White Album) when the drummer hits the ride. I like the panning of the toms and the sweetness of the kick (it gells well with the bass). Together with the natural sounding lead vocal, that's what I like the most about the mix.

I'm not so fond of the way you arranged guitars and keys, but I don't think there might be rights or wrongs about that (I didn't really care for the acoustic guitars, whilst you almost entirely ditched my "main" electric guitar... etc, my main objection'd be your arrangement choices make the tune too nice and gentle sounding), so I'll try to listen to those parts as if I didn't know what the raws were like:

The round sounding electric guitar with the arpeggio for the verses is pretty well placed and treated, it feels as if the singer were playing it, a la Jeff Buckley, thums up!

Acoustic guitar feels a little out of place at the beginning (the intro feels kinda weak with it panned with so little happening at that point) but once vocal and electric guitar come in, it feels way better, specially when it is strummed.

Second verse sounds very good, full and inmersive, raising the stakes. You can feel the tension building. Sadly, second chorus gets a little dissappointing because the arrangement is the same though the playing gets angrier. That's when I really miss the other electric guitar (I said I'd try to forget about it, I know) with that Lennon feeling.

The bridge could be perfect, but the BV's are pretty lost and undefined so again it's a part that doesn't build higher than the part before. From there on, everything is coherent and solid, just lacking that touch of grindness. BV's after the solo sound beautiful and lushy. Solo guitar could do a little more saturation or something to makes it a little nastier, maybe?

That all said, once I get more used to your edits and parts choices, I only miss some more hotness for the non drums-bass-vocal parts and perhaps lowering the vocal a little (except after the solo, there I think it has just the right balance)and squeeze the mix a little to tight it up so it doesn't feel so relaxed. Hope this helps!

RE: Talk To Me Baby - gloukin mix - glukin - 05-02-2019

Thanks, Deliza for the detailed feedback. I was actually aiming for the nice and gentle sounding mix so I guess I managed to achieve this.
Will take a look at the rest of your notes and revert.