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c:fx: 'Mathematician' - juanjose1967 - 07-07-2013

Another newbie suggested song here.

No vocals and only instruments. I can't say that this is the kind of music that I listen to, and even though I think that it's ok, I'm not so sure about the result because I'm not too familiar with this genre.

But you're the experts and you'll know right away if it's ok or not! Rolleyes

RE: c:fx: 'Mathematician' - thedon - 08-07-2013

This reminds me of my old jean micheal jare and mike oldfield albums Big Grin !
I like it !

RE: c:fx: 'Mathematician' - juanjose1967 - 08-07-2013

aahhh... those are jewels that still shine!!! Thank you, Don!

RE: c:fx: 'Mathematician' - takka360 - 08-07-2013

Nice job,great kick

RE: c:fx: 'Mathematician' - juanjose1967 - 08-07-2013

thanks, Takka!