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Triviul - Alright - Amaromormo - 12-07-2017


RE: Triviul - Alright - mojbro - 10-12-2017

Nice mix! I enjoyed listening to it.

Good treatment to the vocals.

I think maybe the kick drum sticks out to me a little from the rest of the track. Maybe it’s the bass instrument that’s mixed a little too quiet compared to the kick drum or the kick needs to be lowered somehow.

Other than that, I enjoyed the mix a lot

RE: Triviul - Alright - Amaromormo - 03-02-2018

HI Mojbro,
thanks a lot! I did not see your comment

thank you for the advice, i really like this artist and i will give another try..


RE: Triviul - Alright - Bombe - 25-09-2018

Hey there.
  • The vocals sound like they’ve been sung in a tin can.
  • So do the drums!
  • Off-center lead vocals are quite off-putting for me.
  • The bass sound has somehow turned to mush.
  • Switching to mono reveals just how much of the track is drowned in reverb. IMHO it’s way too much.
Keep it up!