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coltonbenjamin_sail away_ - mr_alfie - 31-01-2017

Here's my mix. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated Confused

RE: coltonbenjamin_sail away_ - javierpg84 - 31-01-2017

Mr Alfie:

Thank you for submitting your mix. You got a real punchy sound in the drums. I like it and also the level ratio between the horns and the rhythm tracks is pleasing and well balanced. I hear some phasing issues and levels in your lead vocals. Did you bring up the double take? If you did it may be phasing each other. The other thing I will like to do if this will be my mix, its automate the lead vocals a little to fill some gaps. Piano -3db and that is all. The rest its about your taste and preferences. Good job and keep on mixing!

RE: coltonbenjamin_sail away_ - Txory - 03-02-2017

Your mix sounds pretty good to me, you have to improve the vocals part Smile
Fantastic job

RE: coltonbenjamin_sail away_ - tjmtruth - 04-02-2017

(31-01-2017, 01:28 PM)mr_alfie Wrote: Here's my mix. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated Confused


I really thought your mix was nice.....very clear and overall nice balance. I agree with other comments that the lead vocal needs some work. I noticed that most of us left out the duped lead vocal part. It sounds like you left it in but at a lower volume. I tried experimenting with that but abandoned it when it started sounding like phasing issues. The main vocal track provided it well recorded....needs the usual stuff plus automation, etc. I liked the piano also. Nice work overall. Keep em' coming!