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Mandubien's mix - Mandubien - 03-11-2016

Hey folks !

How are you doing ? Pretty cool song to mix, and well recorded !

Here's my version.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


RE: Mandubien's mix - nate - 03-11-2016

Some stream of consciousness notes as I was listening:

-just after fade-in I like the very subtle chorus effect (or at least that's what i'm hearing) - slightly out of phase guitars or plugin?
-nice stereo image in bridge with the electric guitars call and response.
-slightly too much compression on electric guitars? to me they feel a bit too polished.

Overall it's really well balanced. I can't really say anything to improve on.
Well done!

RE: Mandubien's mix - Mandubien - 03-11-2016

Thank you guys for your feedback.

I will see what i can do to improve it. I have some fresh ideas. I'll see tonight.

I'll give you feedback asap as well Wink

RE: Mandubien's mix - Mandubien - 03-11-2016

Ok here's V2.

I added a vinyl effect during the intro to emphasize the first verse coming right after. Some improvements here and there.

What do you think ?

RE: Mandubien's mix - Obelix - 20-11-2016

Interesting mix. V2 is an improvement over v1. I like that dirty main vocal, it sounds nice. Btw, how did you do vinyl fx in the begining ?

RE: Mandubien's mix - Imagine Mix Studio - 20-11-2016

nice updates, I would add some more mid onto the kick, and automate your mix buss to enhance energy between sections. Overall sounds good.

RE: Mandubien's mix - Mandubien - 20-11-2016

Thanks guys for your kind comments Smile

Obelix, you can download the iZotope Vinyl plugin for free on their website Smile It has very cool settings !
Imagine, I will listen to it again soon and see if I can improve it again Wink

RE: Mandubien's mix - Mike Senior - 22-11-2016

Just had a listen to version 2 -- glad to see you're not hanging around getting to the vocal! It is, after all, the start turn here, so I can certainly see where you're coming from by shortening the intro. Not sure the slightly glitchy intro effects really suit the style of the rest of the track, though -- it's just a bit too EDM! Smile The tambourine is an interesting addition, especially the way it changes the feeling of the verses by accompanying the kick drum. I think I rather like how that works, in fact -- a nice touch!

Overall, the first thing that hit me, though, was that the overall mix tonality felt a bit muffled, with a couple of decibels too much energy in the 150-250Hz region and too little above about 5kHz. Nothing a bit of master-buss EQ can't handle, but that said, you have a similar lack of bass-guitar low end as many of the other mixes, and I reckon your mix would benefit from a bit more of that instrument's fundamentals. You might have to cut a touch of the kick-drum's extreme LF to make space, and I don't think that really hurts the song, as it'll tend to make the groove skip a bit more lightly.

The vocal tonality feels like it's a little to heavy on the low mids, which makes for a slightly congested tone. On the one hand that low-mid energy helps it sound more solid in the balance than in some of the mixes I've heard on this sub-forum, but it's at the expense of a touch of muddiness overall whenever the singer's active. Admittedly, the whole issue of how to get this vocal sitting solidly in the mix is one of the critical issues with this multitrack, so whatever the solution it's likely to involved a bit of 'smoke and mirrors' -- you know, ducking things in some way when the vocal's present, either with side-chains or automation. By comparison with the lead vocal, the backing vocals feel a touch too crispy, so I'd probably try to tame those a little -- it's a shame to have the backing vocals sounding more upfront than the lead, I reckon.

Overall the drums work quite well for me. I like your toms tone in particular, and the way those drums cohere fairly effectively with the kit as a whole, which is something that's been a bit wayward overall on the mixes I've heard so far. The low tom probably has a bit too much 'woof' at the low end, though -- it just seems a too 'large' to match the rest of the kit.

Hope some of the above makes sense and is helpful -- and thanks for posting!

RE: Mandubien's mix - Mandubien - 23-11-2016

Thank you Mike for this very constructive feedback. I will listen to my mix after some days off so my mistakes will probably pop out in a more obvious way Wink

I will fix my mix asap.


RE: Mandubien's mix - Mandubien - 23-11-2016

Ok, here's V3, with subtil changes suggested by Mike: more low end definition for the bass and a better relationship with the guitars, a less muddy lead vocal with a side-chained compressor on the lead guitar. I reduced the hi ends on the BVs to make them sound more behind the lead vocals. Finally I set up a linear phase EQ to reduce the muddiness of the overall mix.

I kept the vinyl effect on the intro, cause I simply like it so much :p I changed it a bit, starting with an electronic/mechanic noise before the instruments come in. So it sounds like someone is launching an old vinyl.

Does it sound better to you guys ?