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Triviul: 'Alright - takka360 - 23-06-2016

My mix ,enjoyed it great vox .

RE: Triviul: 'Alright - Mike Senior - 23-06-2016

(23-06-2016, 08:57 AM)takka360 Wrote: My mix ,enjoyed it great vox .

Blimey -- once again super-quick off the mark, there takka! So quick, though, that I think you've left one of the vocals behind slightly... Smile Not sure if it's intentional, but one of the verse vocals seems to have slipped out of sync -- at least relative to how I wrote it! Love the loud-and-proud bass too. Kind of think with hindsight I could have made more of it myself back in the day.

RE: Triviul: 'Alright - takka360 - 24-06-2016

Cheers Mike it is a delay ,will have a look again

RE: Triviul: 'Alright - takka360 - 26-06-2016

Mix 2

RE: Triviul: 'Alright - hanibal005 - 27-06-2016

Both mixes are cool in their own way. Not that you should change them but in the verse hard panning the 2 vocals is a bit risky. I personally like the tripped out vocals of the 1st mix bit losing the delay on the 2nd mix makes the chorus stand out more. For my taste I could have used some more counter melody vocals in the chorus. Per usual good work here.

RE: Triviul: 'Alright - takka360 - 27-06-2016

Cheers,yes I like the delay in the first but pretty have with both

RE: Triviul: 'Alright - thedon - 28-06-2016

Hi Alan,
Lovely sounding mix ,I like your idea of the panned vocals but as they have a different frequencies, I'm thinking of making a mono copy of both and adding that into the centre to fill in the frequency differences maybe would sound more balaced ?
Good Job Big Grin

RE: Triviul: 'Alright - takka360 - 28-06-2016

Cheers , yeah no rules mate have a go

RE: Triviul: 'Alright - Voelund - 28-06-2016

Lots to like in this mix
Very Easy to listen to
You made the keyboardtrack bettersounding than I thought possible
Is it just eq ? Care to share what you did please

RE: Triviul: 'Alright - takka360 - 29-06-2016

Cheers for the listen.Yes just eq