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Full Version: Sons of No One
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Here's my take on Son's of No One!
The vocal is very crispy in the top octave here, and gets pretty uncomfortable to listen to on my system at any decent level. I had to pull out about 4dB with a 6kHz shelf to get any further with it. Fortunately, there was good reason to persevere! Smile I like the general sound and particularly the blend you've got going here -- it really coheres nicely. A nice sense of space and size too, so the longer reverbs/delays have paid off too. The kick struggles on small speakers though, so I'd be tempted to give it a bit more MF information, perhaps with distortion, to get it to cut through a bit better.

I'd probably also give this kind of a style a slightly more overt buss compression sound, and if you did that you'd have to evaluate its effects at mixdown, rather than leaving it until mastering. A quick experiment suggests that you might need more sustain on the snare to make it work, though, as that drum's depending on its spike to make its presence felt.
Hey Mike,

Thanks for the reply.
And yes I totally agree with you on the vocal.
First thing I did after posting this was put a desser on it and small shelf cut on the vocal and the reverb itself. Sounded a million times better.
I will definitely give that a try with the kick drum because I noticed it disappearing as well and didn't really know how to fix it.