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Full Version: Broken Man - My first mix on this board
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Hi guys,
this is my first mix I post on this board.
I really liked the song, pretty straight forward to mix in my opinion, but not less fun to mix.
I really would have wished for seperate drum stems, because some elements like the hi-hat like "clicks" were too loud in my opinion, but I tried to do the best out of it.

What I did:
- Basic volume and panorama mixing (some Autopans etc.)
- Some delay and verb here and there (Piano, Synth, Vocals)
- Some basic EQs on the stems (Low/Hi Cuts etc.)
- EQed the vocals (EQed out at smth at 2 kHz, that made my ears bleedin)
- DeEssed the vocals and freshed up the vocals and put a bit of verb onto them
- Some basic volume automation

All done in Cubase in approx 3-4 hrs.

I really would like to get some comments from you guys and/or (constructive) criticism.