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Full Version: Hollow Ground 'Ill Fate' (Pashet Mix)
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Greetings for everyone! My first try here, hope youll like it!
Guys're awesome, thanks for opportunity to mix you!

Best regards!Smile

I like that mix. You could probably reduce some high frequency ringing on the hihat and give the snare a touch more high frequencies. Apart from that it seems good to me and sounds as if you had fun mixing it.

I don't like the drums.... maybe there are too high and bass frequences....
Your guitars sound too fizzy to me. Clearly this style has a lot of midscoop (even a non-metal-specialist like me knows that!), but I think you've maybe overdone that. I'd like a bit more 800Hz to give them some additional meat. You might need to tame the 150Hz range a bit to avoid the mix sounding too woolly then, though.

The kick doesn't seem clear enough to me, either at the top end or the bottom end. I'd probably fade it up a couple of dB at least myself, and let it interact a bit more with the buss compression.
that bass is like too loud or has too much muddy low end frequencies. any where from 100-250 area, i almost never boost on any instrument cus thats where smelly dirty turd frequencies are. scoop them mids on guitar, and your vocals will come to life. any where you cut out of vocals, try boosting that same frequency on guitar or even snare to see if it fills out a bit.
Lots of thanks for your replies guys! Really helpfull! Could you also chek out my version of Kevin Reeves - Said And Done?.. I need a lethal doze of criticism about it. That song is in my head all the time Smile