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Full Version: I'll Fate (Raven MIX)
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That's my first post here, I hope You will enjoy my mix Smile Please let me know if You like it!

Regards Smile
(28-01-2013, 10:02 PM)BloodyRaven Wrote: [ -> ]That's my first post here, I hope You will enjoy my mix Smile Please let me know if You like it!

Lummy -- that was quick off the mark!


I'm not an expert when it comes to Metal but let me give you some thoughts:

I think the vocals could be a bit lower in volume and the kick could do with a bit less click (I know that Metal "needs" a clicky kick, but it seems to much to me in this case).

The rest seems fine to me.

Thanks for opinion, I think You are right Smile I'am not pro, just amateur. That was my 7th mix i've done Smile
Yeah, guitars are so fat, but kick is too punchy! It break out the mix.
This style isn't really my forte, but still I wonder whether you might have too much long, thick reverb on the snare, so that it's distanced too much. Also, at 0:57-1:05 the snare is getting really mangled by some buss compression somewhere, either on the drums buss or on the master -- you're getting a kind of reverse envelope effect, which seems odd. You've got good clarity to the vocal sound, though, because that's coming through nicely. Or maybe nicely isn't quite the right word... Smile However, maybe you've sacrificed a touch too much guitar midrange for that privelege.

Is the kick maybe just a touch too upfront? I know it's meant to be pretty brutal in deep metal like this, but it feels like it's gone further than necessary, which makes the guitars and cymbals feels less present by comparison.
What is the plugin being used on the guitars that are line (without distortion/clean) in in the mix BloodyRaven?