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Full Version: Children Of No1
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Hi n3rd,

your mix seems very solid to me. I miss a bit of attack/transients on kick and snare and maybe the guitars could do with a bit more presence in their sound.

Nice overall mix, but something is definitely bothering me on drums. I can hear a masterbus compressor pumping on the hihat sound. Don't know if it's on a drum buss, on the overhead (i think it is...)or on the master, but it sounds really strange. makes the hihat super loud and i can't focus on the rest, although it sees really well done.
I agree with artbass 'bout kick and snare. same for guitar sound too.
Hey thanks,I re-listend the song and couldn't agree more with you, kick definitely miss some attack, as well I also find drum fills really weak now, like they don't belong to the same kit. Issues with hi-hat comes from room mic, I usually squash them and blend with rest of the kit, just this time hi-hat leaked too much. Compressor on stereo bus nearly does anything in most of my mixes, as little I can get thru with,max 2-3 db. I will definitely
pay more attention on this stuff next time. Thanks again.