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Full Version: Children Of No One SpedeMix
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Hello. Here's my mix of this rocking tune. Just realized that short non-linear reverb which are usually reserved for drums work magnificently for everything else when one is trying to create an 80s vibe. I've got some AMS impulse all over the guitars during the intro. I was using Dio's "Holy Diver" as a reference Big Grin No drum replacements.
Excellent mix ! Punchy and sounding "old", really match the song.
Maybe keys are a little undermixed but it's a valid artistic option.
Guitars are very edgy, maybe a little too much regardind to the style of music, but they do sound great !

What i like the most is your drum sound. Really punchy and well tuned and balanced. I went for a totally different option with this song, as it reminded me a little of Soundgarden, and therefore i used samples (no replacement, just adding texture to the drums), and went for a more modern approach of the mix.

But i do love this one ! Just listened to it on my tiny shit pc speaker Smile , gonna listen to that on my Focal Solo6Be ! i'm sure it'll rock the hell out !

Good job
Great mix. I like it and I don't know if I would change anything. Now would you just kindly explain how you got there? Big Grin
(23-01-2013, 03:38 PM)Artbass Wrote: [ -> ]Great mix. I like it and I don't know if I would change anything. Now would you just kindly explain how you got there? Big Grin

Well, thanks Smile I can give some general description.

There fairly little compression on the drums itself overall, only kick and snare bottom have gotten "a lot of" compression (6 dBs and beyond), but the OHs and snare top less than 2 dBs. Things have been gated pretty tight everywhere to avoid spilling from cymbals, this becomes a serious problem if one boosts quite a lot of high end from every single close mic (like I did Big Grin). Oh, and Pro Tools Lo-Fi plugin is quite a nice for saturating drum transients (using just a little bit), that's where the main character for snare top comes from.

I like to use an 1176 thing with a fastest release and fairly slow attack on lots of things. OHs, bass, lead vocal and solo guitar all have that.

Lots of automation everywhere. During the intro the volume of all tracks go up while their echo sends go down gradually drying it down to prepare for the first verse. Some ping-pong delay for LV during the choruses, none of it for the verses.

Bass and kick are brighter than you'd believe and have been de-essed to keep the high end consistent.

Toms are the only thing that are not full LCR-panned, everything else is, even that hihat's dead center, all guitars panned to sides.

Only hihat and one of the guitar tracks (can't remember which one) has a hipass filter. Nothing else does have. Some of the darker guitars have over 10 dBs of high shelf boost around 8 kHz.

Almost nonexistent group/parallel processing; there's a small parallel comp on drum bus and both lead vocals go to a same (last) compressor. Everything else is "standalone" and routed to master output.
Thanks. Seems like you are aggressive in places I would never think about being aggressive. Very interesting.