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Full Version: Easy tiger - Voelund
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Yo - been awhile
Had this one somethin like finished today, been workin on it on off for weeks now.
Its a genre very unfamiliar to me, but fun to work with, hope I didnt smash it too hard Big Grin
Nah I didnt really mean that - this is my 2 bus, turn it up if you want it louder

By the way I made some small changes to the arrangement and added a cymbal, my ears needed that
Your arrangement changes made me laugh Big Grin really cool, I like it a lot. Another thing that instantly comes to mind is you've obviously put some hard core work into tightening up the vocal rhythms. Really gives the mix a "punch factor" that my mix was lacking due to a difference in interpretation, but honestly I wonder if I maybe prefer yours? Did you push the vocals slightly ahead of the beat? It feels like you have, and it's pretty pulse pounding... very good for a dancey track.

So anyway, I'm pretty jealous... I thought my mix was really tight and balanced until I heard this. Run DMC comes to mind, but dude, this is a ridiculously freakin' clean mix. A few of the timing edits are pretty little exposed, but I without reservation completely forgive you for it because the beat is rock solid, the arrangement edits are tasteful and well considered, and you've absolutely nailed the spectrum. Lots of space cleared up with some tasteful muting... I really need to put more effort into things like that. I could run the mix over and over from second to second to highlight a few of the little glitches or some slight rhythmic sloppiness, but another listen through and you'd easily catch them and correct them... and I'm too engaged to let anything like that stop me from rocking out. This is easily the best mix of this on the forum and I'm very impressed... almost baffled. You just won the day, sir!
Big thx Pauli. I didnt do vocal edits - only moved things to intro to make it more interesting and catch the ear earlier.
Yah maybe I moved something, doubled some parts and I alligned them.
I think you give me too much credit, I dont deserve that
Thx a lot for the encouragement !
The vocal alignment on my version could've been a lot better for sure. You can hear the compression is a bit too hard and a bit too lumpy because I didn't true up the vocals and listening to this I clearly should have. It must be then that your efforts with the EQ and compression are just very very transparent and diligent... the more audible compression effects are very tasty.

Upon relistening, I think that bassy synth (whomp whomp whoooooomp, that thing) is lacking a bit of presence when the vocal isn't active. It slots in perfectly when the vocal is running, but then feels like it could and maybe should be more up front when nobody is singing. Seems to me there was plenty of high mid stuff going on with that synth, so maybe some automation to ease up on whatever EQ cuts are going on would make it more presence... so you might get a "louder" mix without any need of crushing.

Sounds to me like you should give yourself a little more credit, though.... humility is a virtue, certainly, but you're a damn good engineer.