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Full Version: Lacuna (excerpt) - my mix
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Hi, Here is my mix (and some mastering although this is not my forte) of the excerpt of this great track. I am hoping to embark upon a career with music production/engineering at some point in the near future and i am grateful that such a place as this exists as i need all the practice i can get with mixing different music styles (although electronic is what i have the most experience with). I chose this to start with as it presents quite a challenge - many different synth parts to balance. I chose to leave them all in the mix as practice for working with this many complex elements.

Anyway, great track - hope that whoever decides to listen likes the mix. Feel free to post criticism however harsh! I am in this for the long haul so i want to learn as much as possible.

Cheers, bladerunner
It sound cool..., well balance..., loud..., but come on Dodgy release the hole track.
(18-12-2012, 06:34 PM)Rickaudio Wrote: [ -> ]It sound cool..., well balance..., loud..., but come on Dodgy release the hole track.

I actually will be Blush as soon after i posted the excerpt i thought that the track definitely deserves a full mix (plus i want to try and improve a few things in the mix). Thanks for listening!

Pretty decent attempt this. I'd probably give the kick drum a bit more thump at 100Hz, and maybe also work a bit harder at clarifying the lower part of the midrange, where I think at the moment you've got too many things trying to contribute so the mix feels slightly cloudy by comparison with the preview mix. I like that there's a bit more HF detail in the background in your mix, though, than the preview, personally, so I wouldn't change that. Also, if you're using any reverb, I'd think carefully about it, because delays will probably give you a clearer sound, given all the pads in this mix. And if you do use them, EQ them to kingdom come so that they're only contributing exactly what you need for each given part.
Many thanks for the feedback. Soon I will be doing a full mix of this track where i will probably get a little creative with the arrangement and omit a few things here and there to free up the sonic space. Good tip on using delay instead of reverb - i often don't immediately think of that when trying to create space around the audio so i will experiment with that. I tried to get a little 'sparkle' into the detail (some nice bell-like qualities to some of the elements) which is why there are some high frequencies quite prominently in the background. Now to get to work... Smile